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young laser sailor looking to get better


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hey guys,

just gonna ask if anyone knows of a good free / cheap tool to help me build my skilles as a laser sailor, out side of my local sailing club. i am not "new" to sailing but i am not a well seasoned sailor and would much welcome an surgestions.

i would prefer online source either text or video form but all is good

thnx heaps

oozoo99 :p


try reading some laser books like tillman`s laser book. boat whisperer series on dvd also cover some parts, not all.
See if you can get access to the Boat Whisperer DVDs - someone around you may have them. They really did give me some great insight after I had been struggling for a while.


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There are oodles of Laser videos on YouTube. Among others, try to find the ones with Robert Scheidt.

Rob B

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Find a "mentor" to test sail with on the water. Anyone with more experience and a decent record will do. Also go to regattas. Talk to people, watch what the good people do and try to copy it.