You missed a Great Regatta NA's!

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You Missed a Great Regatta!
My 16 year old son and I just returned from the Sunfish NA’s at Fairhope, Alabama. I can’t describe how much fun we had. The turnout was low, so I feel compelled to tell you what you missed. I was one of only 3 sailors that went to both the Masters here in Texas and also attended the NA’s. That’s a shame. Both were great sailing. The NA’s at Fairhope were ideal sailing conditions, the sea breeze came in every afternoon as predicted. OK we had to wait an hour the first day after our boats got a nice wash from a local shower, but within 1 hr it was blowing 15 out of the south. It blew 15 for all 4 days. I managed to snap a mast and still was tied with Clinton Edwards after the first day. Ask Clinton how that is possible. Position doesn’t really matter when you have great sailing, with people that are lot’s of fun. Fairhope did a great job. Committee was so good I don’t really have much to say, that’s the best kind of committee, one that you don’t remember any issues with. I can’t remember a regatta with so few protests after 11 races. One of the best quotes of the week was one of the college kids “I haven’t eaten better than this week!” Remember Fairhope lost their yacht club almost 2 years ago to Katrina. They did all of this out of the “converted” junior building. I know $3 a gallon gas may have kept most of you from coming, but you should have made this one. By the way, we found gas for $2.66 in Jackson MS on the way home. We will see you at the next one!

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I second the message about a great NAs. Even though there were not as many boats as some past NAs the compitition was just as good. When you have Eduardo there and although he won the regatta he didn't win every race you know you have a tough fleet.
The racing was great, the food wonderful, and the people outstanding. I will be going back to Fairhope.
All you people from the north don't know what you are missing by skipping these regattas.