You might be going through sailing withdrawl if...

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You might be going throught sailing withdrawl if...

... you TIVO'd "Master and Commander" and spent six hours looking for rigging deficiencies.
I haven't sailed enough to have sailing withdrawals, but by december I start to go through surfing withdrawals. I start to have recurring nightmares that usually go like this:
we all pile into the car for our annual roadtrip to the beach, we finally get there, I'm in the water for about an hour, and then my parents come and tell us that the vacation's over. I've woken up in a cold sweat over that one before.
oh yeah, I've also seriously considered trying to create a solar powered surfboard with some old solar panels and motors that my grampa had so I could sort of kind of surf in the lake near my house. the plan didn't go very far, as that would probably require the destruction of a surfboard.


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Top Ten Signs that You Can't Wait for Summer - adapted from an article by Bill Mattson

10. You require everyone to ask "Permission to come aboard, sir?" when entering your cubicle.

9. Your TV viewing has dwindled to the Fishing Channel and Gilligan re-runs until your full series of “Adventures in Paradise” DVD’s arrive.

8. At work, you hail "Prepare to gybe!" when switching the copier output to the collating position.

7. When pushing a grocery cart at the supermarket you tack every other isle.

6. You get kicked out of the carpool for making everyone lean to windward.

5. You wear a wetsuit and lifejacket when using the snow-blower.

4. You're coming down the hallway, and encounter your wife coming out of the bathroom. You scare the crap out of her by yelling "STARBOARD!" at the top of your lungs."

3. You spend time sitting on your boat and pulling at the main-sheet.... In your driveway.... In the dark.... In the snow.

2. When parking your compact car, you run around to the back of the car, pick it up, and face the car into the wind.

1. You hit "The Sunfish Forum" more than 20 times a day to see if the chatter has increased above two posts a week.