You know you're a Laser sailer when...

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You know you're a Laser sailor when you discover a strange urge to throw yourself to the other side on the car when turning a corner!

Anybody else got any strange symptoms?
Oh oh I do. After a long, long day on the water I get aggitated when we turn the car because I'm still thinking where the winds coming from and it annoys me that we haven't addjusted the sails yet : (
A bad driver cuts you off and you say starboard under your breath ......
You start to talk to people about how your knee hurts from your bad hiking style, and they ask what mountains you went to ....
You rip the pages out of your organizer to "save weight" ...
Your have tan lines from sailing gloves (More hardcore, have tan lines from a hiking strap) ...


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Similar to MacWas in his car and still thinking about where the winds coming from, I get around a lot on my bike - clubhouse is only 10mins away - but when riding in to a head wind I curse the restrictive road/path that won't allow me to bear off a bit.
Going downwind I sit up, "release the vang" to give me max height and spread the shoulders to catch the wind. When I start trying to fit a sail I think its time to put me away.
sometimes when i fall asleep and i'm dreaming about sailling every time i tack i end up rolling over. i only know this because i sometimes wake up and curse that i'm not on the water. i also take all corners on my bike wide and close.


When your walking and you get stuck in a big wind tunnel(city dwellers know what Im talking about), and you find it hard to walk because of all the wind, you wish you were on a Laser :p.


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i got a good one

You know your a laser sailor when in the offseason, you buy an RC Laser to race with

Saw it online, thought it was pretty fun and you guys would get a kick out of it

i been looking now, since i live in Ohio sailing season is coming to a close fast and i can race a RC where ever there isn't ice
You know your a Laser sailor when:

You've been sailing Lasers all summer and then do tactics on a 40'er and tell the skipper to park the boat on the line at 30 seconds and tell the trimmers to sheet in and go at 10 seconds. D'oh

Guilty of the above not once, but twice this weekend.....
You know you're a laser sailor when you have a scar running the length of your stomach from death rolling then sliding along the gunwhale. Trust me, its not fun.
You Know Your a Laser Sailor when;

Your live-in girlfriend of two years says "Glenn it's either me or that boat" and you reply, "Hey while your in the kitchen can you pack me a small lunch, I don't want to miss the harbor start today"

She didn't like that too much...

I miss her, sometimes... when I'm not racing
My younger brother and I sail Lasers together, as well as crew together on keel boats, and whenever we are going to or from the club, or anywhere in my truck, I find myself telling him to, “Darn it Orin, trim the Radio faster! FASTER!”
All these are good, but I have to hold this one up as the crown jewel.

You know your a laser sailor when;

You sit and wonder how any other class can really seriously consider themselves a true one-design class. Honestly...
You know your a Laser sailor when:

You glance back at the transom after every tack and gybe - even when you're sailing on a mid-boom sheeting keelboat...


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