You just won the lottery - where do you sail?

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Assume you do not have to work for 3-4 months and you would like to regularily sail your Laser during this time.

Where would you go...where is the best place to sail in the world in terms of weather, qualified trainers, social support, infrastructure etc?
The LooserLu has several ideas for himself is that aspect:

1st: I would have a visit at Istanbul, to visit Shevy and look if he is realy so fast on the water, as he ever told ;)
2nd: I absolutely would like to go for a Laser clinic here:

3nd: Somewhere I read about, that some of the pro-Laserites of Team-GER and a Canadian pro-Laserite have been at the island Martinique in Nov/Dec 2005. I have seen a small, really nice photo online from there, but unfortunately no idea where they hostet there.

4th: Being at the Caribean Islands Region, someone here at told us, here at TLF, about the British-Virgin Islands - its worth to visit them there, I think.

5th: To make it round there in that region, I would like to plan all, to be able to join at least the "Round Aruba-Island Races" :)

6th: Of couse, I would like to visit our friends at TLF at Austrailia, during the north side of our globe is in hibernation.

7th: Before "6th", I would like to visit our Laserites from Finland and Sweden, during they do their real frostbiting sailings :)

8th: On the way back from "6th" I would like to stop for a short-break at the Phillipines to have a "small"shopping at the Hyde-sailing-loft there, if you know what I mean :) :)

;) And why not the USA? Well, I'm afraid, for all the words I have done to him, (and maybe too my babyface ;) ) Chip&Co already has bribed enough GeorgeW, to demand the US-Customs to send the LooserLu back to GER immediatly if I enter the US-duty-zone at any US-airport.... ;)



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In North America??

I would sail Midwinters east and west. The Florida Masters events if I were old enough, The Easter Laser Regatta, North Americans and Us and Canadian Nationals, CORK, any big well attended regatta in the North east, perhaps a CPYC frostbite event or two ( except I HATE sailing in cold weather). I would probably go to Texas in time for the Gulf Coast warm ups for the US nationals and look hard at the schedule to see what else is near what else.

I would try to visit a few mid week local evening fleet sails. Chautauqua lake has a good fleet and Austin Texas has another. There must be more.

I would absolutely sail the granddaddy of all Laser events..the Orange Coffepot Regatta in New Jersey.
I would go to the Columbia River Gorge just to plane al day with minimum upwind work as the river floats your boat back to the weather mark.

I don't know enough about events in the rest of the world to comment but the masters worlds are a great event wheneve and wherever they may be held. Of course if I qualified for it I would sail the open worlds as well.

For venues that are just plain super:
Wrightsville waves
Corpus Christi...warm and windy
Sandusky Bay...Perfect waves for Lasers
The hiking really necessary
Santa Cruz...Great wind and Seals on the Buoy of Death
Chautauqua lake...Just a really nice place to sail a Laser or any small boat
Sarasota...Visit the Broadribbs and eat with Allan at the wharf
Cancun...Best Laser sailing I ever enjoyed just be careful what you eat

In between all that I would jump on whatever boat was available wherever the fleet would be larger than 50 one design boats.


gouvernail said:
Sandusky Bay...Perfect waves for Lasers
Thank you, Groovernail!

Now is a good time to promote District 18's Grand Prix regatta, to be held at Sandusky Sailing Club on Sandusky Bay, June 24-25, 2006. You can also bring the spouse and kids to play at Cedar Point Amusement Park while you sail. This is on the south shore of Lake Erie in Ohio. See y'all there.

Get an RV and migrate 30 minutes to the Gorge.

Live in the RV.

New boat every month, have friends there and sail till we drop. BREEZE ON!

In the NA, Feb is THE month to be in FL, with 3 weeks of big fleet regattas with the best around. Warm water, coaches available, nice Masters age crowd, etc. I'd base in Clearwater, commute to the East Coast stuff. Get a chance to sail with Paige, who just pulled off a Sheidt type regatta, with 9 bullets (and no OCS's)! Work your way North as the weather wams up, fill the gaps with jaunts to the Gorge.

If you really did just win the lottery, then pick me up on your way by, and I'll show you the way....;-)

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Someplace warm with turquoise water, steady wind, waves. Cabarete? Nice beaches, maybe drinks with umbrellas in them. Brazil? Buenos Aires?

Maybe no large sea creatures that could eat you.

Then I'd be like Jim Cristofer and drive all over signing up for local races (and like Jim, I'd win them!), from Vancouver to the Keys.
Well, I have to say that in Biscayne Bay (off Miami) there is usually a nice breeze going on, and while the winds are not always 'honkin' here, you can find a nice mix.... Plus the water can get to 90 deg in the summer!!!!
Sunray said:
Well, I have to say that in Biscayne Bay (off Miami) there is usually a nice breeze going on, and while the winds are not always 'honkin' here, you can find a nice mix.... Plus the water can get to 90 deg in the summer!!!!
Ya and if you won the lottery then it really wouldn't matter if your car got broken into everyday at the sailing center in Coconut Grove and they stole all your extra gear, tools and wallet while out on the bay, because you could just buy more for the next day. The bums in the park really look good in rash guards and dinghy tops :eek:


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How could I possibly leave out the BCC from my list?? The home of the Bruce Cupo trophy until we sail another Bruce Cup....How about a Bruce Cup with 4.7 instead of the Laser two??
I live in Florida so without winning the lottery or losing my job I can race in Miami OCR & Radial Women's Na's (cuz I'm a girlie), Jack Swenson & Masters MWE cuz I'm old (sorta) and open MWE cuz we all can. Nice enough deal.

But since we're talking about winning the lottery, I'd go to Australia for a year, get a Laser and a van, live in van and do every regatta there I could. Now that would be cool!
Good time to plug our race at Wrightsville Beach since Gouvernail put us on his list. Holding the D12 Grand Prix event in the ocean 4/22,23/06. Should
have plenty of surfing action that time of year. Bringing back our visiting PRO from the Nationals last year. The registration fee is low. Come play in the ocean.

Chip and Arland Whitesides


Girlygirl said:
Where would you go...where is the best place to sail in the world in terms of weather, qualified trainers, social support, infrastructure etc?
Hey sailors, remember this wasn't just a beauty contest. Girlygirl, dreams of a coach too and a place that can provide her a charter and friendly people.

I'd look into sailing with Steve Cockerill at Rooster sailing in England, just for the accent! Then also there's in Florida with Kurt and Meka Taulbee. I would love to spend a week or two with them in various weather conditions. In fact, that would be my ideal vacation. What other coaching opportunities are available worldwide?

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:D Thanks everyone for the replies. I am still playing the Lottery so...

...Merrily, you are correct, and I look forward to any additional comments. I am quite interested in any tips regarding coaches, Laser hire etc. in OZ or New Zealand