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Has anyone here used the Neil Pryde sails? I'm not looking to race, and thought the price looked good for just recreational use.

I've bought a couple of them direct from the Neil Pryde Store , the quality is excellent , the service is great , and I reckon that for a recreational Sunfish they are exceptional value at $155 including shipping ( + $25 for an optional window ).
Why pay more on eBay !
Shipping is Fast, like it's out the door the next day. Quality seems really good, sent me a "Hula" instead of the "Sunrise" but that's good with me. Not sure why a regulation sale costs $300+ from Vanguard.
Not quite as pretty, but Intensity Sails sells a fantistic race-cut sail (white) for only $149.99 plus shipping. I bought one last year and am extremely happy with it! It's not class legal, but for someone who just wants the best bang for the buck, it's the cat's meow...

I have seen these a lot on ebay it is sad that someone doesnt take the time to find it any other way on their own. Way I see it kind of what you get for not looking around.
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