year of sunfish

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does anybody know how to getermine the year of a sunfish the serial number of the boat is 6800800 is the 68 the year? thanks robin and joe
If the cockpit has a storage compartment at the aft end it and the new rudder style it is post 72, if not it is pre 72. If it has metal gunwales it is pre 87. If it has new rudder style, storage compartment and rolled fiberglass gunwales it is post 87. The older boats had the serial number on a plate behind the splash rail above the CB trunk. They later molded the serial number into the transom. The number you gave seems to be to large for an early AMF or Alcort boat. I believe they started to renumber the boats when they put the storage compartment in. Pre 72 just got over 100,000 and post 72 never hit 100,000. If the number is on the transom the first part should be the manufacturer, usually letters, the last part the year made, serial number inbetween.
If the number is on a plate between the splash and the cockpit and it is 68008 it could be a 69 Sunfish if there is no stoprage or a 78 if there is storage.
Perhaps someone has some insight
Hello to all,I'm new to the forum and already need help.Can anybody tell me what kind of boat that is in the picture that Old Geezer has beside his name.I have a boat that I don't really know what it is.The sail has a dolphin upside down and Sun dolphin is the logo.I looked at the serial number and it is an 87.It has a raised up hump just behind the mast and then a molded splash gaurd.It has a larger and more square cockpit.Also the sail slides over both booms.