year of boats

I have a 79, it had only been sailed about 50 tiems and is in amazing conidition, water tight, deck had a few bubles that had been amazed at the quality and affordibility, compared to buying a new boat. Specially for students.
Hi all,
LooserLu´s Laserhull, #46438, is from 1977 - a PSE-boat built in the UK. That boats (if handled correct) hold very long and are also expensive today (a week ago, "the older twin-sister" of Laser GER46438, Laser GER46425 was sold on ebay: 900 Euro/1100US-$ :)) , here in GER. No delaminations, stiff and fast (for their age), "top"-maststep but a bit more heavier than newer ones, because the oldies have a layer fibreglas more then the hulls from mid of ´80ies until to today.
I have a 1976 boat which is in really good conditoion, but the hull flexes a lot on wavey conditions. I also have a new 2004 vanguard boat which i have not sailed yet.
Mine is a 1988 boat that has been in out of storage over the years. For the first 5 years it was sailed infrequently (~15 times), I bought the near new boat in 1994 and it was sailed weekly durring the summers 1994 to 2000. From mid 2000 to mid 2004 it was hanging from the rafters in a garage until I brought it out this year which then was sailed 3 times a week.

The boat looks new and stil has the original sail which will be replaced for 2005, unfortunately only this summer has it started to take on water, about a half a litre per sail...wish I could figure out where it is coming from.
Mines a 1991-1992 (144679)

i think its a limited edition because its got a black bow section, for 3/4 of hull then goes into gray sections about 4 imch wide and at the sten quarter it says "Baccarat"

its a great boat. i am really in love ( sad i know )

Jon steward, radial 144679
yeadon, uk
<MacKenzie Wasson >
if you tell me how to post pic i will take some and post them for all to see.
thanks for you comments it is a nice boat.


My boat is a 2003 and I'm in love too. Don't even think it's sad. On the photo thing, have you tried going to the photo gallery and playing with the file upload? Maybe that will do the trick.

cuase my boat isn't really competitive, i think i will respray it later in life, maybe like this 77fter, cept a bit better.

this boat is called Black Dragon, an R/P 77.