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After searching, I still do not know what year my Mod1 is, The serial # is CP5E009M3I and the sail # is #9
I bought the boat from the local YMCA after it was donated, I paid $200.00. It had been on Westlake Lake for years, according to the Lake registration stickers. There was no trailer, and the bottom was caked with mud but the sail looks like it was never out of the bag. Everything else is in great shape. The hatch was left off the boat for a while at the YMCA and rats made numerous nests in the cuddy, I filled up the hull with a chlorine/water mix, (kept the plug in, 4 bottles of chlorine and a hose) left it to soak over night, then rinsed about 10 times. After drying out for a year, You cannot smell anything now. New sheets, shrouds and stay, a old tent trailer converted to a boat trailer and I am ready to sail. I worked for a Venture Yacht dealer after school in Marina Del Rey from 1973 to 1977, built Naples Sabots and sailed a Lido. I have been wanting a Capri/14.2 for years but 4 kids then 4 kids in college and then 3 daughters getting married and now grandchildren... it was used or nothing.
One last thing, I spoke to Lyle with the Westlake Village fleet, he said that nobody races there anymore, most people have switched to a "J" class boat. He was not very optimistic about racing 14.2's ,actually, he was rather there any active fleets closer that San Diego? I want to race!
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Sail number 9? I see that in the serial, and they are original sails then. Seems like some detail is missing from the serial. Mine has an 86 at the end, denoting the year.

However, being that your's was apparently one of the "originals" maybe they did the serial numbers different?

So I will go out on a limb... if you are sail number 9, and it is a mod 1... maybe 1983? Just a guess though.
Here's my number: CPSP23828888. From this, I get sail #2382 and I know it's an 1988, so that is there, as well. I have no idea how to read yours.

*edit, here's a thought, have you tried to contact Catalina? Sometimes companies have these records and will help.
Sorry about that! this is an up and down forum for responses, so don't take it too personally, OK? Welcome!

It sounds like you've got a handle on the gear aspect. Wish I could help on the info side.. I'm a total newbie, and live in the Dallas area. I may be in over my head, cuz my life is much the same as yours, but I have no sailing experience. But the desire, and the opportunity presented itself, and ... ! Have you posted a photo of your boat/you yet?
You built Sabots! I'll try not to hold that against you.:D

Numbers are down in small boat racing (here in So CA). All fleet /class numbers are lower. That said, I will guess at some point numbers will come back up some but who knows when. Fleets have gotten older and many have not embraced youth (life blood of strong fleets). Did you speak with the Capri 14 fleet captain at Westlake about trying to spark the troops to race?

Best I can tell you have hull #9, i'm guessing 1983, making it a mod 1 as you already know. A real oldie but goodie. I'm in San Diego and love to race too. Good luck!