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Dear all i brought a laser without the xd kit, is it really worth the extra money for the harken gear. all comments welcome i also need to purchase a combi, cover, under cover, sails (all 3 rigs) lol so alot of money
Jack, I got myself a three year old laser with the Holt XD kit on it, however, I've already swapped some of the blocks over to the Harken versions because they seem to operate in a far smoother fashion. It's all down to price really - the Holt XD kit works OK but the Harken stuff is a bit better still. Well worth shopping around to see if you can get a deal on the necessary bits (might be worth trying sailboats.co.uk ). I got a good deal on a breathable polycotton cover from Sailregister and I've been very pleased with my practice sail from Insails (purchased via Ebay). Conversly it might be worth going to one individual supplier (Rooster etc ) to see if you can get yourself a substantial discount by ordering a lot of stuff in one go........might be worth a try ?


I need to replace my running rigging and blocks - they are original 1979! I dunno what the options are as I only sail at the club and only for fun. I want to replace everything as it is all a bit tricky to use now. Are the teflon discs worthwhile as well?

.............I'm feeling a bit like the 'font of all knowledge' (only joking :D):

The Teflon discs are brilliant, they collect up a lot of the grit etc that end up in the mast pot, tip em out and clean 'em or replace 'em. However if you are feeling a bit 'credit crunched' you can buy yourself a sheet of 1mm PTFE sheet from Ebay - from recollection a 300mm x 200mm sheet cost me around £5.50 and gives you enough material to cut out about 15 of the 60mm discs (I used the kitchen scissors!) - hope that helps,