WTB Used Class approved Racing sail

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Bought one from a member few years ago sold that boat now looking for good used racing sail for my 76' Sunfish
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Hey Sailcrafti it's Wardie I've bought stuff from you before it's always been a great experience.

I won't get much use this season but would like to have one to try how much? I'm only slightly familiar with North racing sails.


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Not to butt in...sailcrafti...did you have anymore of the twin tube alum tillers w/carbon fiber, golf club tiller extension? I bought one previous...I think from you. Price if so?


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My apologies, will get you photos of race sail tonight.

Twin tube aluminum tillers I have two left at $120 each. 39 in carbon fiber tiller extensions at $50 and 36 in aluminum tiller extensions $35. Tiller extensions have golf grip ends and rubber universals ready to install.