WTB older sunfunfish hulls

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Hello folks. I'm new. I recently acquired an older Sunfish Vanguard hull that I'm re-purposing as a little canoe/Kayak for our local rivers and ponds. I'm looking for older complete sunfish hulls for some friends that want to make their own similar to mine. Condition is not a concern as long as it's complete. I can fix small breaches and the foam will be replaced so waterlogged is fine to. Thank you. I'm willing to travel within reason.
My guess is that there are not a lot of Sunfish hull-only deals in your part of Alabama, but look up "Signal Charley" (aka: Kent Lewis) here on the Forum and send him a personal message. Kent marinates in the small boat world of the Florida Panhandle and may be able to link you up with
some suitable Sunfish hulls. Too bad you are not close to me - I usually take 2 or 3 Sunfish hulls to the local landfill per year and pay $15 each to bury them. People give the hulls to me, I salvage the parts and gear and trash the hulls if they are waterlogged or damaged beyond repair.

Alan Glos
Cazenovia, NY
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Thank's for your response. I'll look him up here. I figured folks probably ended up doing exactly what you have to just to get rid of them.

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