Wtb old laser hardware and parts!

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Hello Group;
I've recently bought 10 pre-owned Lasers to start a Sailing Club/school on the Island of Roatan off of the North coast of Honduras. The price was right and we are not disappointment with the purchase, but unfortunately some of the boats are incomplete and missing some parts and some of the parts need to be replaced outright. I'm looking to buy old used equipment that you may have laying around because you've upgraded to better gear or don't need. This endeavor is not based on profit at all, instead was conceived to open up the world of sailing to kids and adults who never would have had the chance to enjoy it. As far as I know, it's the first sailing school to be opened in Honduras. So please be generous with your pricing. Boats are from the late 70s early 80s.
Hull Plugs (any type)
Rudder Head
Boom Vangs
Hiking Straps
Any hardware of any type (mast plugs, connectors, travelers eyestraps, blocks etc)

Thank you
Aaron Etches
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We have now joined forces with a USA Non-profit organization. Any "donations" are now tax deductible. In exchange for this new non=profit status, our school has now agreed to teach sailing to underprivileged Hondurans and Islanders that would never be able to afford our lessons (even though the prices were inexpensive to begin with)..... Email me or PM me for details
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