WTB: Laser 2 Full Race (Midwest: Chicago)

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What does full race mean anyway??

I don't know but I need a larger boat than my Laser.......thought a Laser 2 may hold two adults. Never sailed one.......is it fun??


Michael Alexander

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The laser two is a two man boat, but the class has died. If you intend to race, it may not be the right boat. A laser full (also known as a full rig or laser standard) is boat that is raced by one person, though for cruising, it can hold two small people. A laser radial is the same boat as the laser standard but with a smaller mast and sail. If you want a boat meant for a crew of two, I, being a laser sailor, love the vanguard 15. I think it is the best doublehanded boat that I have come across. Used V15s can be found at teamvanguard.com

You and I are going in opposite directions. You're looking for a bigger boat, I'm looking for a smaller one. If we were closer, I'd say we should switch boats but as the Chicago-Houston trip is a bit long, let me just suggest you look into the Buccaneer 18. It is a great boat for two for racing and can even hold four for cruising. You also have one of the greatest advocates of the class there in Chicago, Jim Irwin (he is Vice Commodore of the class assocaiton and lives in Highland Park; he'd love to get you into a Bucc - all the folks in the class are really helpful).

check out info about the Buccaneer 18 class at




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