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WTB complete rudder/ daggerboard

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Hi, I just picked up a 1973 sunfish from a friend and need the COMPLETE rudder assembly, rudder hardware, tiller, and daggarboard. Does anyone have anything for me? Thanks!


I have a metal head rudder and tiller just refinished with West Epoxy and 5+ coats of poly for $150.

Daggerboard painted w/white epoxy on top of West epoxy repair/fairing for $75.

Both for $200 + UPS actual shipping costs.

Pics on request.

C.P. Burks
dinghyone at att dot net


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I have daggerboards starting at $50 up to $120. Located in RI. Contact me at cjo1023 at yahoo dot com for pictures.


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I have a like new complete rudder, tiller, hiking stick assembly. They came off of my brand new boat which I have preferred to use an old assembly on. I have had the rudder in a closet for a few years, and might as well sell it. I will want 80% of the cost of new. I also have some old wood dagger boards, and a like new plastic one (used about 5 times). Contact me at jsts@optonline.net if interested
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