WTB: Capri 14.2 or similar in Midwest

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My faithful LS-13 (vintage 1964) has finally given up the ghost.

Would like to get into a C-14.2.

I'm in NE Indiana and would drive appx 400 mi.

Condition isn't terribly important, but the sails need to be pretty good (still stiff, not too blown, ...)

Contact me here via PM, or send me an email at Yahoo. I'm tpzahm there, too.

Hopefully and cordially,

If you will refer to the ads listed you will find that I have Hull # 5341 for sail. The boat is located in Western Penn. (80 miles due North of Pittsburgh) and is accessible by interstates. The boat was used only one season and is very well equipped. My add has
disappeared and I am having trouble getting it back on again. Boat was built in 2006 and I purchased from the Dealer in September of 2008.
Equipment: 2004 Trail-Rite trailer, Catalina main and jib, Sailor's Tailor cockpit cover, quick-release shroud fittings, stainless-steel lifting bridle, outboard motor bracket and winter cover. Price - $5,950 Telephone 941-624-3153
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Donald -

Thanks for replying and pointing out your boat. I saw it, but it's a bit more than I really want to spend and so I went ahead an posted my WTB.