Would rivets hold a hiking strap metal loop?

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Would the special rivets in the thread: Rivet Question hold the metal loop for a hiking strap on the front wall of the cockpit ? I was hoping to not put in an inspection port on the front of the cockpit.


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It will work for a while but eventually loosen without the stress being distributed by
a backing plate. If you put in the inspection port behind the splash rail it's easy to
reach the inside front of the tub. You can go with fender washers or pop rivet into
a metal backing plate. If you don't want a backing plate rivet-nuts would be a better
way to go.
If you put the port in the cockpit you would offset to the side so it would not interfere with with the centerboard trunk. It would be the same on the deck.


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There's space between the dagger board trunk and tub but it is a
bit of a reach. The port in the cockpit is easier as Sailflow suggested.
However you do it remember that the fiberglass is really thin and
easy to fracture. The more you spread out the load the better. Easy
way would be to epoxy a plywood backing plate in then you could
drill and use some fender washers. If you go stainless hardware
you're pretty much fixed for life. Same with all the other wood screws
if you have the time to replace them with bolts and fender washers.
If you go with the two standard locations for the inspection ports you can
replace everything exceptthe bow handle. The usefulness of the ports
far outweighs the 'Swiss Cheese Effect'. Look for the thread that went
off the rails and ended up with suggestions for Brass Portholes.

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You don’t need to epoxy in a backing plate. Just put some wood or preferably a piece of polyethylene cutting board. Drill the holes and through bolt the whole thing. Port on the deck is versatile and works fine for this.