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Would Like to Upgrade Snark Sunchaser 2 Hardware


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After sailing the Snark quite a bit, the shortcomings become apparent.

Most notably are the cleats; the jam cleats tend to let go or hold on (snag) at the wrong time.

Any suggestions on inexpensive source for cam cleats that would be the right size?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the ABS-stryofoam construction, I doubt I can just sink screws anywhere. I assume there are strategically-placed anchors for the hardware screws.

I can probably find appropriate cleats that are close enough to the right size, yet would prefer a suggestion for a vendor.



inexpensive is the problem...

there is no such thing as an inexpensive cam cleat. About $50 each is cheapest I have found.

Cheaper to find someone scrapping a hull that has some decent cam cleats and buy it.

You CAN sink screws anywhere... foam filled ABS is fun. Drill oversize hole, (such as 3/8 dia for #8 screw) epoxy in dowel and you have a hard point for drilling and inserting a screw.


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good info, especially about setting screws!
given than, a quick search yielded cam cleat plus fairlead for about half that (link)

it is a "beater" boat, so I don't mind doing a bit of modding, if I have a clue


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this is an old post, but I have forgotten how to make a new one:rolleyes:

the rudder on the Sun Chaser II tends tilt up to the launch position under much wind. cranking down the nut helps, but then its hard to get up and down.

I have come up with a basic line-and-cleat idea to hold the rudder in place but easily let it go in shallow water. The missing part of the puzzle is a tiny cleat (1/8" line), since there is not much room to work with.

Any ideas for making a tiny clam cleat? I will probably fashion something out of wood to try out the concept, but a wooden cleat is probably not a long-term solution.

Thank you!