Would like a small sloop dinghy size...

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I have sailed a Sunfish and a Laser as well as a Laser 2. The Laser was what I liked but it was too old. I'd like something that I can single hand yet has a jib and main. I like the feel of sailing with two sails. But I'm looking for something light and something that can put out in shallow water like a Sunfish or Laser. Also something more comfortable than a laser.

Any suggestions?
If you can find it... The Holder (Hobie) Vagabond 14 fits the description.
Appx 260 lb hull, fractional sloop (small jib)
Probably really meant for 2 to 3 people but 6 can fit.
Can float in appx 4 inches

Wider than a Laser and much more open passenger area.

Note... there are about 4 variations on this boat.
The version I have has an appx 54 inch daggerboard and needs 6 inches of it below the hull for passable steering if using a trolling motor or small outboard. At least a foot down for sailing even direct with the wind.
There is a variant with a swing keel otherwise essentially the same boat.
I usually single hand my c14.2 but not sure if it would be good for unseasoned sailors in anything other than very light winds... Just my thoughts.
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Ive sailed for about 2 yrs. I weigh a bit over 200 lbs. Would the catalina 16.5 be too much for me to singlehand? I see the portsmouth ratings are a bit better than the 14.2.