Worth it?


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Depends if the hull is heavy or not. It looks like the splash coaming is missing and hard to say what is attached to the gunnel along the transom. Otherwise $80 is not a bad deal. A 2002 boat fully rigged might be worth $2000.
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I don't own a boat right now tag.
The post says, "Deck is sound, will need hardware. Hull will need a couple of dock-ding patches. I purchased this sunfish for additional parts for my Sunfish Race, I currently have no need for this hull."
I don't own a boat right now tag.
Hmmm, well that is different. It might/could be pricey to pick up all the miscellaneous parts to get it back to sailing condition.

If you had (or can find) another boat for cheap that has all the parts but a hull in rough shape, it might be worth it to merge the better parts of the two. Winter storage has been known to destroy a hull or two (trees falling, etc) - so someone might have a wrecked hull they want to get rid of but all the rest of the parts would be okay.

From my standpoint, I was thinking that I have an older 'Fish with all the necessary parts - so $80 would be a cheap upgrade to a new 2000 era hull. As sailcraftri mentioned, though, it could be heavy with water - any way to check on that?


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If you buy it and live near Rhode Island, I have most of the parts you will need to make it whole at a lot less money than from the retail stores. I can also ship parts. Contact me at cjo1023 at yahoo-dot-com.
Would buying a 2002 sunfish, hull only, be worth it? It is $80, but comes with nothing.
I'd go with the wise ones on this. Try to find out the approximate weight. $80 would catch my attention, in that at this price point you could make it a 'club boat' kind of thing where you leave a hull down at the beach or club and not worry too much. Beats hauling a whole boat around. But that's if you have another, or might get one someday. It's also reasonable to think you can pick up a fully equipped boat with a throw-away quality hull on the cheap and have yourself a bargain of sorts.

What I might be really suspicious of is that the seller obviously did the same thing and this was his throw-away, so I would not get my hopes up. This guy seems like he may have an idea of what he was doing, and if "a few dings" were more than he felt worth troubling himself with, well.... Add to this that you don't have a sunfish yet and this is your first boat, and I would suggest evening up the odds a bit towards your favor (so far, this has the makings of a mismatch). If you have a sunfish friend or can find one, you might ask for an opinion as to condition.

That said, depending on what those dings look like, I'd go by hull weight. If it's more than 130 or 135 lbs, I'd suggest maybe passing. I'm saying that because it's possible there are issues, like in the daggerboard trunk or mast step, that might be too tough for a first boat and could be why the seller gave up nd stripped it. If you have an experienced sunfisher along with you, though, you might get a more informed assessment.
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No I think it sold.
Rob, are you looking for a hull or a full boat.
Check out the For Sale on this website or your local craigslist.
Here are two complete boats. w/o trailers for $500 and $900
Also, put a wanted ad on craigslist.
I got a free '76 sunfish hull from one guy, and A sunfish sail, all spars, daggerboard, and rudder, and also a smaller lateen sail and another rudder for $125 on craigslist
No, not really looking for a boat I already have too many but $80 for a 2002 Sunfish hull is just too good of a deal to pass up, especially since one of my friends recently gave me the rudder, daggerboard, spars, coaming, and a sail off his fish that a tree fell on during hurricane Sandy. I was going to just keep them as spare parts for my 78 fish but if I can find another hull that is cheap, or better yet FREE, I would use them to put together another Sunfish.