worse top 2 thing you have done or forgot ?

Several years ago when I borrowed a Laser for the first time racing one I forgot to put the drainplug in and went out to race course. Slogged in after the first beat of the first race.

To make matters worse, I came and pulled the board up in the trunk partway and jumped onto the slipway to find the dolly. I then proceeded to put a crack in the trailing edge of the board when I tried to pull the boat out.
my friend was once sailing someone elses laser during a sailing course. he came back in about 3 hours later wondering why his boat was so heav. i then asked him where his back bung was. then he realised whot he had done. so we were there for 1hr letting the boat drain

Ross B

I think this thread should be split in half: for the people that have forgot their drain plugs, and those that haven't lol

Ross B

haha noooooooooooo not this year!

2012 if I'm lucky, just had surgery last thursday, and I've done 1 Laser regatta in 07, its been a rough year....
#1 when i was rigging i forgot to put my battens in the sail and didn't realize it until i was well out on the water
#2 Actually thats it.

Crazy Sailor