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Worlds - Day 1

Old Geezer

Huh? World Championships??

5 entrants from South America.
8 entrants from assorted islands in the Atlantic and Caribbean (of whom 2 failed to race on day 1).
ONE entrant from Europe.
Zero entrants from Africa.
Zero entrants from Asia.
Zero entrants from Australasia.
86 entrants from the USA.

World? I don't think so.

Why don't we just call it the North Americans? No that won't do. Nobody from Mexico or Canada.

Let's face it this is the US Championships...plus a few friends.

Old Geezer

So, Old Geezer how do you feel about the "World Series" of baseball?
Good analogy. Just because you call something a World Series or a World Championship don't necessarily make it so.

Just to clarify my previous comments... I am disappointed in the lack of stronger international competition from outside the USA, but I am not, in any way, disrespecting the sailors at the top of the leader board or the ultimate winner of the championship. I've sailed against many of the current leaders and know that they are all fine sailors and any one of them would make a worthy world champion.

So does anyone know why more Sunfish sailors from Europe, the Caribbean and South America didn't want to sail in this Worlds? Is it the venue or the time of year or what?