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GER's got the Soccer trophy now the 4th time!

GER is so proud of 'Team Jogi Loew'(former 'Team Klinsmann').

@ GER actually it is a "Full Moon"- night. too! And: it is OUR night ,that "we make to a day" :))))))

Millions of Soccer fans @GER actually celebrate the win of the 2014 Soccer Worlds, out here, on the streets here, everwhere, unbelievable, whow!! @ GER millions celebrate the win with car-corsos, fire works to death, parties + everywhere .... etc. etc. For instance: 500.000 still are out there, on the streets of Berlin,actually, to make party!! What is it all about "US-Football"? What is "Baseball"? What is "Ice Hockey" or "Basketball" ("White men can't jump?" eh?- -> Goto GER Soccer .... hihihihihih)


GER feels with ARGENTINA! (and Messi, too) THANK YOU ARGENTINA We Love you!

The strong 'Albiceleste' (= Soccer Team of ARGENTINA) didn't made the final match easy for the team of 'the Kraut's', there, at BRA-Rio's most famous Maracana stadium, the Brasilian "holy grass " for Soccer.

In this monents, my thoughts go with my brothers at ARG (f.e TLF's "Dr.Loser", my ARG Laser-brother) AND to my friends at Brasil ( f.e. TLFs Dario Wai from Marceio/Recife BRA, my Laser-brother of Brasil).
GERs say: Brasil's "Selescao" inthe moment still is crying, but they will come back again!! You already are 5* Soccer Champion (GER now only are "4*-Champs" ...), never mind of Colombians Juan Zúñiga. Or "URU'S biter Suarez"! Neymar is a hero, the future belongs to him!!!! Colombians Zúñiga and URU'S Suarez are guys "of the dark side of the force" (BTW Where exact is URU, at planet Uranus??? :( & Where exact is COL, at planet Neptun :( ??? )
2016, at RIO, Robert S., the Lasersailng hero from Sao Paulo, to 110% likelihood gets the golden Olympic medal for BRA inLasersailing!!
Thank you -> to all of the Brasilian citizens for your perfect hospitality! We @ GER look forward to 2016's Olympic Gasmes at Rio!!!! What a great nation, Brasil is!!! We here at GER hope, many of the social deficit's could be solved, till 2016, we feel with you and sorry for the "1:7" (please forgive us, but that's soccer...) and we @ GER believe into the Brasilian's power!!!

Cheers !!
LooserLu, GER


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certainly was a fun Cup to watch. I'm still wishing that it was Brazil v. Argentina in the final though! Oh well, at least we can say that the USA lost to the team that won it all!!