World Masters Entries for SF


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Tracy's post above was pretty darned entertaining and ..reminds me I am an old fart trying not to become too horribly out of touch with modern communication.

regardless. This thread has lots of stuff other than whining and bitching which is unrelated to its title. I am going to open a thread in the politics section about communication with potential sailors and how we might improve our success at inviting people out to play with us.

I really hate to put it in the "political" section as I don't think it ahas a damned thing to do with politics.

I prefer to think of teh tread I am about to start and a roundtable management discussion and I hope others will con tribute in that manner..


I sure hope everybody who feels like sailing in the SF masters worlds read and understood that there really are plenty of spots and if you really want to sail you almost cetainly still can sign up and go play.

same goes for the regatta mentioned below