World Masters 2007 in Spain


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The 2007 Laser World MASTERS will be held Catalonia, Spain from September 29 to October 6, 2007. The attachment of this post includes a photo of the harbor and some local links, as well as the text below.

International Laser Class Association

International Circular 205 – World Masters 2007

29 December 2006.

The 2007 Laser World Masters Championships will be held at Roses in Catalonia, Spain on the Mediterranean Costa Brava. The final venue selection was made by the ILCA Events Committee from applications from 20 different clubs and venues.

The event dates will 29 September to 6 October. These dates offer shoulder season hotel rates, daily temperatures of 22 degrees centigrade and the benefit of sea breezes. After allowing for shipping charter boats from Cascais, Portugal, earlier dates conflicted with the previously arranged European Masters Championships. Also on earlier dates accommodation choices were limited and expensive at holiday venues.

Roses is an attractive and popular holiday resort of approximately 15000 population. The old town with small streets, shops and restaurants is immediately behind the marina and blends well with the more recent accommodation areas just along the beach.

It is situated 19 miles from the French border and is within one of 5 natural protected parks. It has a number of different accommodation possibilities including camping, apartments and hotels. In total nearby accommodation offers over 6000 beds with prices from 22 euros per night (discounted rates will be published with the notice of race with flexible booking dates).

Barcelona International Airport is 162 km away. Regional airports of Girona. ESP (73 km) and Perpignan FRA (83km) are served by low cost airlines to major European cities.

There are a number of local tourist attractions nearby with further possibilities in the city of Barcelona (see various websites below)

Charter boats will be available for European and non European competitors.

Average winds:
50% thermal wind SE (6 to 15 knots -12:00 at 18:00 h)
40% thermal+gradient wind ENE (6 to 15 knots.12:00h at 18:00 h)
10% gradient wind N (12 to 25 knots 10:00h at 20:00 h)

The picture below shows the new marina at Roses. The yacht is based on the left hand corner of the Marina adjacent to the beach. Launching is from the protected beach and the marina using ramps from the yacht club.

The Notice of Race will be published by mid February.

Jeff Martin
Executive Secretary.



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