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signal charlie

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I had been using some sawhorses to work on our Sunfish but spotted a "finishing dolly" in a Laser Performance photo that look pretty cool. I contacted Bo Williams at LP and he rounded up some photos and pics of a dolly that they use. It is approximately 8 feet long, 3 feet wide and 2 1/2 feet tall. The cool part is how the bunks articulate.

I used the base of my dolly and made some bunks to copy what LP has. Then I used on a 2003 Sunfish repair and it works great. It is easy to flip the boat and the bunks hold the boat secure while I move it around.


signal charlie

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So with this design you were able to flip the boat yourself?
Hi Waterdowg
Yes, you pull the boat towards the side a bit, lift the edge closest to you and then put the chine on the set of bunks closest to you. I could let go of it and walk around to the other side, grad the top edge and lower it flat. Then work the opposite edge up over the bunk and slide it back to center on the dolly.
One key was to keep the bunks low. On my previous design the boat was way to high, I had to move the boat to the ground, flip it there, then put it back on the sawhorses.



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Hi Kent,

I actually did the same thing as you. I copied the design I saw from pictures of a tour of LP. The dolly works like a charm. My only problem is I made it too tall and I need to lower it to 2 1/2 feet as well.



That is awesome - thanks for all the pictures! I'll be making one of these shortly.