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Hello. I just realized that I was using the wrong mask for sanding. I was using a 3M 8210 N95 GENERAL USE RESPIRATOR. I am planning to get a better one. But is it bad that I used that one for like four hours spread over a few days, I am a little worried, Thank you.
You're using the mask to protect your lungs from paint containing lead.

I've worked with lead products for all of my career, and there's nothing wrong with me wrong with me.



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Not to be too much of a killjoy but the problem would be the leaded paint dust
getting on you clothes then being spread to interior rooms or settling out of
the air on objects and being disturbed later. If you decide to build a 80 foot bronze
statue of yourself like Emperor Caligula did there might be a problem.
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I am becoming ready to paint but I do not know what I should paint it with. I think that I should go over it with some kind of fiberglass seal, and then paint over that but I have never done this before so I don't really know what is best. Does anyone know what kind of paint I should use

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Several good brands are Kirby, Pettit EZPoxy, Interlux Brightside, Rustoleum Topside and TotalBoat WetEdge. The Kirby and Rustoleum are oil based, the others polyurethane. Your choice of brand may come down to which color you like best. We have been using a lot of Kirby and WetEdge lately, and in the past used mostly Interlux and Pettit on our fiberglass Sunfish. Whichever brand you choose, plan on putting down a coat of their primer first, and fair with their fairing compound. Some paints work okay with other primers, but some do not and it is a mess when they don't.

Jamestown Distributors sells most of the paints listed above, and all of the rollers, brushes, pans, gloves etc... Their TotalBoat line of products ships free and is priced well. Let us know which color you are thinking and we can give some recommendations.

Kirby Paint.


TotalBoat Wetedge


Pettit EZPoxy

Merci Pettit.jpg

Interlux Brightside

Buttercup deck after 2.jpg

Rustoleum Topside


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2-part LP (or Linear Polyurethane) primer & paint work very well for small craft, the paint flexes a bit with the hull & deck while the boat is under way and the hull & deck are working... ever since I started restoring boats with 2-part LP primer & paint, I've never gone back to anything else, since LP products meet all my expectations as far as coatings are concerned. I never mix brands of LP primer & paint, I simply choose one brand and go with it, applying two coats of primer & at least two topcoats for a nice end result. There's usually a bit of light sanding here & there during the process, just enough to solve whatever problems may arise. If you have a choice, paint in a climate-controlled area out of the elements, keeping the temp around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, which is also a good temp for curing resin & glass. If you have to paint outside, wait for a good forecast, let the morning humidity die down a bit, and get started before any significant breeze crops up... always wipe down naked fiberglass with acetone before applying primer, that's an essential step in the prepping process. Good items to have at hand: sandpaper in various grits, a box of disposable latex gloves, clean rags, acetone, quality brushes (or you'll be picking Chinese bristles out of your paint the whole time), appropriate cleanup materials, etc... oh, yeah, and cold beer for later, as you admire your boat which now looks like a million bucks, LOL. :eek:

P.S. Same as with glasswork, you can spread tarps, plastic sheeting, cardboard, whatever under the boat to catch drips and reduce overall mess... if outside in a semi-enclosed area, tarps tacked or zip-tied to nearby fences can reduce the effects of breeze, meaning less bugs, dust, etc., in your paint. Wear cr@ppy old clothes whenever painting or doing glasswork, once they're ruined they can still be used as rags in certain situations. Good luck to ya, and don't forget the cold beer!!! LOL... :rolleyes:
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