Wooden Sunfish Rubrail


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Anyone know what wooden sunfish had for rubrails (or if they had them at all)? Mine has a rubrail that feels like a piece of molding, and it needs replacing. Any thoughts?


signal charlie

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A few had plastic. Our 1953 boat had a 1/2 inch or so wooden strip for a rub rail, and the Super Sailfish had a bit wider rail.


Audrey Zip gen 2 rudder Lagniappe Beach.jpg

The Super Sailfish we found had a rub rail and a toe rail, we've seen pictures of a few others. Surprisingly, even that small toe rail comes in handy.


We bought some pine trim from Lowes for our latest resto, make sure to get solid wood and not the finger jointed pieces.


Installed with #6 x 3/4 stainless screws, piloted and counterbored.