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Wooden Sailfish from 40s/50s.


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My family was friends with Alex Bryan and Courtlandt Heyniger back in Waterbury Ct. in the 40s. They all raced ice boats up on Bantam lake, just north of Waterbury. I have an early wooden sailfish, mast, center board and tiller. All located in Madison Ct.
Anybody have any idea what it is worth and if there is someone who would like it? Thanks folks.. I learned to sail on this little boat. Needs a good home.


old n cranky

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That's really cool. Someone might want that boat. But they better have woodworking skills and some time on their hands. I don't think it has monetary value in that condition. It would make a decent trainer on a lake.

signal charlie

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Pretty boat, a Super Sailfish. Probably worth a couple of hundred dollars, wooden boom, gaff and hull are rare. She'll sail just fine and be a fun, wet boat with a new sail. I'd suggest buying the Intensity sail and add the Sailfish logo :)

If anyone needs help getting her hull watertight again have them contact us.