Wooden rudder blade wanted

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I've got a 25000 series hull originally supplied with wooden blades.

I've got the wooden centerboard, but the rudder was replaced at some point with a glass/foam blade.

I'd like to go back to a wooden rudder because I think the wooden ones look cool and they're legal on this hull. I'm willing to do a little woodworking repair on the blade if necessary.

So if you've got an old wooden rudder blade gathering dust in your garage, or you're looking for an excuse to upgrade a wooden rudder to a newer/faster/smoother glass blade let me know.
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Someone sent me a reply to this message. Because it came from the laser forum it ended up in my bulk folder and I lost it. Please resend.

If it wasn't you, but you have a wooden rudder anyway, I'm still looking. Please contact me. ;-)
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