Wood Blades

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Now that there is a two month reprieve between races here in Arizona, too cold :D, I decided today to refinish my thirty year old rudder and centerboard.

After sanding them both down to bare wood, I noticed that they look like they are made from different trees. The centerboard looks oakish and the rudder looks like it is mohagony. Any ideas as to the true type of wood these sticks are made from? And if my thoughts about them being of different plant species are true, why?

Also, the centerboard has some nicks and dings in it, are there any class rules that prohibit adding filler to it.

Lastly, what about the color? I'm thinking of adding pigment to the marine varnish to darken it so that the rudder and centerboard are closer to the same color. Once again, any class restrictions?


Greg (8783)
Pretty sure you can add filler to your boards to fix the dings. My fiberglass daggerboard has a filled-in spot or two (bought it used) and I haven't heard anyone mention that it is not class legal.
I have a few boats right now (restoration projects) that have wooden blades and when I've sanded them down I have notice they were different colors. I'm sure the daggerboard is mohagany but I'm not sure of the rudder. And about filling chips, if it's legal to do to your hull when it's scraped, I can't see why you wouldn't be able to do it to your blades.