Woo Hoo!!!

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I took my "new" sunfish (thanks again, Tom) out for the first time today. It was my first Sunfish sail in almost 10 years. The wind was out of the south and blowing pretty good. 2-3 ft seas close to shore and at least 3-4 once out a bit. The wind was probably steady 12-15 with higher gusts and a few holes here and there. It was surprising that the water was not so cold. That splash guard worked pretty well, but I will dress a little more water proof next time.
After a little excitement at the beach, I took off from the eastern shore of Mobile Bay and headed out toward the western shore. Nice sailing for a bit, got past the protection of Point Clear and the waves and wind picked up a bit. Lots of white caps and some streaks on the water. Did not take a swim but found out I had forgotten how to tack the Sunfish. Thought I was doing it right, waiting for a little lull, smaller waves, and bam, In Irons!!. Just took a minute to get going again, back on the same tack. Better luck with the next tack, lost the tiller for a second, but completed the tack.
I sailed around trying to practice things, but mostly just having fun. When I saw a friend drive up on the beach I decided I would head on in. I had been working to windward most of my time out, so the ride back in was mostly a broad reach. I had forgotten how much fun it was to surf the Sunfish! I have an awful lot of practice to do to be any good at racing, but all the fun of just sailing these little boats is still there. Wish I did not have to work this weekend, but I will have something to think about while doing my job. Gotta get that trailer converted to carry her on her deck and maybe add some pipe to carry the spars and sail. That will be a nice project.
Well, better go. Sorry for the length of this post. Just had to tell someone how much FUN I had today. It is amazing how much fun these little boats are.

Welcome back MJ !!

It's good that your enjoying your new found fish. We all hope to see you out racing with us soon. You've got a great boat and Lauren will be excited to see her newer boat next weekend at the Regional.