Woman's Lib arrives in Sunfish Class. Nancy Heffernan wins Intl Masters

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The woman's movement made significant strides in the Sunfish Class, as Nancy Heffernan became the first (if my memory serves, which it often doesn't anymore) to win in the International Masters. Results are here http://www.sunfishflorida.com/images/2010 Masters Results.htm

Word is already coming out that this has reenergized interest in the Equal Rights Amendment and several states are now considering ratifying it. For you younger folks who have no idea what the ERA is, here is some info http://www.equalrightsamendment.org/

Congrats to Nancy Heffernan!

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On the other hand,

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If the scoring system of the Laser Masters had been used, Joe Blouin would have been the overall winner.

Does this mean that youth prevails over wisdom among Sunfish Masters?
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How come nobody has written anything on the Masters for the class web page? It seems like its important news! I would write something but I wasn't there, so it might be inaccurate....;-)
Why? We're in the unfortunate situation where folks who are sailing aren't ones who go to the web and write. That's all ...

I wasn't there either.