Woman sailor dies in Gorch Fock training accident

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no good news of Germans beauty "SSS Gorch Fock". Yesterday a female cadet, age 25, did die druing a climbing excercise at the harbor of Salvador de Bahia / BRA. A friend of mine, a young good Lasserite, is also cadet on board of the Gorch Fock, in the moment. He and TLF's "drLoser" probably will meet soon at Rio de la Plata ( SSS Gorch Fock is going to visit Buenos Aires for the 200th anniversary of ARG in end of December and to sail round Cape Horn).

My thoughts are with the family of the young lady and with the crew and the captain of the Gorch Fock.

I often have seen the Gorch Fock during the 90ties (view my photo below, that I have taken at Kiel Week 1995), as I worked only a few 100 meters away from the home peer of her, at Kiel. Here is some more small info in English about the accident of yesterday:


LooserLu from GER


These accidents really touch home to me. The sailing world is for having fun and enjoying life and when accidents happen it seems to take a little bit of that enjoyment away.