Wolfeboro, NH Sunfish


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Wanted to reach out to the community. A few weeks back there was a post from someone that lives in or around Wolfeboro, NH. Planning a family vacation for next summer at Lake Winnie and curious if there is a place to rent a Sunfish for the week. We sail a Sunfish and J22 here in CO but will be flying to NH. Would appreciate any info or ideas you may have. Many thanks,
That would've been me. :)

Have you selected a place to stay?

I can rent botĥ together!

'First two weeks in July are taken--forever.
Thanks, that could work. We were looking for one of the last two weeks of July which is our typical timeframe to vacation in the area. We typically go the the Lake Sunapee but with the expanding grandkid crew we need a bigger place which seem to be more prevalent at Winnie. Headcount is 5 adults and 6 grandkids to give you some perspective. Please feel free to send any details to my email [email protected]. Many thanks, Eric.
Message sent.

I forgot to mention that my spare Sunfish (the best of my FIVE Sunfish) is for sale. I could buy it back, depending...