Wisker Pole

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I just received my wisker pole as my boat did not have one.

It seems to have a spike on the end. I guess you spear this through the clew hole in the jib?

I have seen some people use a ring tied into the jib sheet line at the clew? then use the same snap fitting thats used on the mast?

What is the best set up? Since I have never used one before I would be guessing.
I bought the forspar 6-12' by 1 1/4.

The end with the spike spears the hole in the jib. I bought the smaller wisker pole, the 4'-8' one inch pole, your pole may be over kill. You might want to switch if you can, the longer pole gets in the way when not in use.
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I did

buy the smaller on 4-8 pole. I was going to exchange it for the 6-12 as the guy at west marine said when you have the smaller pole all the way extended to 7' 8" most of the strength is gone. It would be in okay in light wind.
So, you think the 2 extra feet would be a hassle in the boat! and that yours is strong enough when totally extended?

I may just keep my smaller one. :confused:

I think the smaller one is just fine. I don't think you need the extra strength with the pole extended to 8' because there is not too much flexing while sailing downwind. If the wind is blowing really hard, you probably won't put the pole up anyway unless you have a fast crew member.

I mostly sail solo and in heavy winds I don't even both with the whisker pole. Especially with lake sailing where the winds are more unpredictable.

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I have had and used my small pole for over two years now, and am very happy with it. Try it for a couple of sails and if you still want the bigger one, exchange it. Depending on where you bought it, West Marine for example, will exchange it for quite a while, provided it is not damaged.
I'm actually using a $10 telescoping 8' long aluminum painters pole with a carabiner at each end. With the cost of the pad eye and the pole, I'm probably $20 or more out of pocket.

I did spend about $90 on a high quality tiller extension, but I use it every single time I'm in the boat so I wanted something that worked well. I do have a friend that uses a telescoping mop handle for a tiller extension, he says it works great.