Wisker Pole Placement On Mast

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What is the correct distance from the base of the mast to mount the padeye that the wisker pole snaps onto? I plan on doing some racing and I know this distance is important for good downwind performance.
whisker pole placement on 1st gen Capri Omega

Any guess on what that 3ft distance would equate to on a 1st gen boat w/o a fwd deck? Thanks for any help. Brian
Whisker pole placement

I have an earlier capri 14.2, with the whisker pole, but without the 'padeye' attached to the mast. Just to clarify the other threads... the correct padeye placement is 3 feet from the bottom of the mast? Do you know where i could purchase (or order) a padeye kit from from? Thanks

I would put a straightedge across the gunwales and against the front edge of the mast, measure up about 38" and mount the pad eye there. You'll be real close.
...the assumtion is, the hull design you have is in fact close to the 14.2.


West Marine has the pad eye HERE