wiring trailer lights

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I am reqiring an old dilly trailer using West Marine's light kit. The lights are LED and came with wire harness of extra length. The vendor's idea is to install the lights onto the trailer frame then pull wires to length, cut and connect using wire nuts. For the rear brake lights, I am wondering if there is a recommended method to connect the main wires to the light fixture leads.

Should I use wire nuts or is there a need to use some kind of waterproof connector I should use?

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I just completed rewiring my trailer but with conventional bulb type fixtures. I personally would not use the wire nuts on a trailer but would use either the round crimp type connectors or solder the connections. I soldered mine and then used shrink tubing over the connection. Either connection should give you years of service without problems.

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I rewired my trailer last season, using the bulb type fixtures as well. I used butt splices (the kind you have to crimp) that have heat shrink built in. You basically just heat them at either end after you crimp. The package does say that they are waterproof I believe. I have not had a problem.

I think that I got them from Home Depot, in the electrical section.
Pot the splice in silicone caulk before heating your shrink tube. Water wicking into the wire strands is a real killer for trailer lights.