Winterproject: Build your own pre-Laser

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It’s Winter here at the northern hemisphere and it’s boring. You and your kids have nothing to do? You want to get your kids away from TV or Game-Computer?

Watch this:

It’s a docu about youth project at GER, about the “Seggerix”-dinghy, a wooden dinghy, selfmade. It’s silly, but that Seggerix looks a bit like a relative to a “Mini-Laser” / “Mini-Byte-CII”.
I guess, B. Kirby and/or I. Bruce would get heart throbbing.
These Seggerix are built during 5 Weekends, the film says (costs: about 2000 Euro, but at NA that would be probably about 2000 US$).

If you can’t understand German, just enjoy the video without sound. There are a 19 minutes video version and a 5 minutes “commercial”-version available.

Warning: You definitely need DSL Speed to view it.

19 minutes video

5 minutes video:,id,7538,nodeid,294.html

{There are web-informations to the Seggerix in the small video:
All infos (in German language only, sorry) about the youth project: }

Fave fun