Wintering my Capri 14.2

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Good afternoon, how do you folks store your boats for the winter? Right now I've removed everything except the fore hiking strap and the hatch cover including the drain plug. There are 8 inches of snow on the deck and I have no indoor space.
Winter Storage

I have a quicky shed I purchased from They may have it listed as a shed or car port, I do not recall. Basically, its a metal pole frame with a tarp like cover that attaches to the frame via straps and rachet straps in the corners. It's not a perm structure, so isn't included in the property taxes, and as long as I pull the snow off regularly, seems to be holding up fine. I got close to three foot total saturday and sunday, and it's a trooper.
Winter Storage

I form a tent like structure with the mast well supported and plywood laid between the top of the gunnels and the horizontal mast. Then cover the entire boat/trailer with a gray tarp. The steeper (higher) the plywood the better it sheds snow. I have used this method for 20+ years on several boats with no ill effects. I also jack the tires off the ground and cover them with black plastic bags. I live in northern IN. Lots of snow.
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Thanks for everyone's help. Last weekend I brushed most of the snow off and pushed the trailered boat into a spot in the trees that I had cleared. Next I took a long pole (read a 20' maple) and used the mast support on the trailer on the front end and lashed it to a tree in the back. A 10 x 20 brown tarp ($15) and some rope that was lying around did a good job covering everything up.