Winter Storage


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I rigged up a 4:1 block and tackle system and hung'em high & dry till the spring tide rises (Rrr).

this way it doesn't take block our cars from being in the garage and the laser doesn't have to stay outside all winter.

heres some pics...

1st, storage on the car..

next, storage in the garage.

no you are not looking at the world upside down from the Davey Jones! (Rrr) :D

this last one is a composite I made from 3 photos using the "PhotoMerge" in PhotoShop -- set to "perspective".

the two big honkin holes are for inspection ports which I have but thought cant hurt to have them off during the winter. I might stick some screen on the holes so wildlife doesn't get any ideas.

if you look close, you can also see where I chopped into the deck with a disk grinder!

when It warms up, Im planning to fill it with some chemicals and over it with F-Glass soaked in the same chemicals, resins and what not... then paint it with more chemicals! :eek: