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Sadly we need to plan to take boat off Beach in two weeks and disassemble for storage in our garage. I wonder if anyone can tell me just how much disassembling we have to do? Can we leave the sail on the mast and lie flat next to boat on the dolly? Does boat have to be stored upside down? If so why? I can pop off the rudder and tiller easily. Appreciate any instruction and very much appreciate having a forum to ask!

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Lean the boat against a wall with a towel under the side. Leave the sail on the spars with the outhauls loosened, dry and rolled up on itself. Make sure to wear black shoes and white socks, striped button down long sleeve shirt with sleeves rolled up and Melvins. Post pictures or it didn't happen :)

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I think the boat was designed to be stored "on-edge", with the drain plug open. (Why we see so many drain plugs jammed-shut).

Wide swings of temperature, such as found in the northern tier of the US, produce condensation within the hull. (The temperature inside the hull is slow to respond to warming, and water vapor drawn from outside the hull condenses inside).

Alternatively, I'd leave it "deck-down". If the boat has an inspection port, I'd leave it open—but protected from rodent intrusion—using "hardware cloth". Special screens are made to "pop" into open inspection ports, but may be insufficient against sharp little teeth! Sails should be stored indoors, as rodents are especially happy to make their homes of Dacron! :eek:

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Thank you all. We will store in a heated garage on the dolly with spars and sail alongside. I will look for a striped button down shirt— have everything else all ready. Meantime I hope to get one last weekend of sailing next week if the forecast holds.