Winter Storage

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Hey All,

I tried a search for this on the forum with no luck.

So I have 2 Lasers one a 1979, and another a 2005. When I picked up the new one the reseller told me the best way to wiinter store a laser is vertically. Now I wish I had a garage with a 14 foot ceiling!!!! So my question is, is this the best way to store a laser outdoors for the chilly Northern winters? My original plan was to build an "A" frame in the back yard and cover it with tarp...with the lasers inside of it on the dollies.

Any thoughts out there on outdoor winter storage? What do you do, if you have a cold winter and can't sail your boat. For those who can sail year round, I hate you!!!! :D
Joking of course. :)

i'd sail the old boat in the winter even if you could sail. Who cares if you are a little slow. That means that when you hop in the new boat at regattas, you'll have a boat speed edge. Keep that new boat bone dry and at least covered. Try for indoor storage if you can. -Tom