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Winter Storage - Tips?

Planning to store my Sunfish over the winter in my garage by putting it on its starboard side on a wood cradle with some padding that will be along the side of the garage.
I know there are other members who have made lateral storage for sunfish…any tips? In particular, any angle recommendations (90 degrees, 75, 60)?
I’m planning to measure the dimensions of the hull along the length of the boat so I can account for this with the points of contact when it’s on its side, so that it has more even weight distribution.



Lol so you’re saying that as long as I have the weight bearing across the beam, I’m making this more complicated in my mind than it is? :eek:
Where is this from, the Sunfish manual/bible?


Based on this I could just throw down some old carpet on the garage floor, put it on that and maybe some cut pool noodle to support aft. That would be…very easy.
On newer fish it's a good idea to store the boat on its starboard side with the drain plug unscrewed in case there's any water in the hull. I also have 4-inch Ronstan inspection ports in front of the daggerboard trunk which I leave open in the winter to facilitate drying out.


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I don't leave my ports open, otherwise some critter will make a home inside.

'Messy, or in some cases--like wasps--dangerous or even fatal. :eek: (I lost a good friend through anaphylactic shock--beware).

Alternatively, when the boating season starts, you can start needed fiberglass repairs, and let the ants out. :rolleyes: