Winter Storage in Nebraska?

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My laser is currently on its trailer flipped upside down. Will simply covering it with a heavy plastic tarp which has been well snugged down with rope, duct tape, etc. satisfactorily protect it for the winter? (I know better that to do this with a car or a motorcycle.) Will using this procedure mess up the gelcoat or cause any problems with hull delamination? I have a good buffer to take care of any oxidation or staining that might develop on the hull.

Tom :cool:
Just like a car finish, you want to have airflow between the tarp and the surface. I don't think you want a waterproof, non-breathable material tight to the hull.

Other opinions?
Hi Tom,
I'm in agreement with Mike, perhaps use some moving pads or thick old blankets between the tarp and the hull so your have a breathable layer between the tarp and hull. I would also check the boat periodically through out the winter to insure no moisture has got into your padding...
Another thing to think about it is possible hull deformation with weight of snow and ice sitting on it for long periods of time with it upside down. Have you thought about gunnel supporting deck side up, with some home made wooden stakes that you could drive into the ground and then tent your tarp over the boat. Last thought might be to duct tape over your mast step to prevent any and I mean any possiblity of getting water into it and having it freeze and then crack your mast step.
Good luck Tom,