Winter Racing in Sydney

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Anyone know of any winter racing in Sydney (Australia), preferably North shore, North Harbour Pittwater area?

Ta Ian
Not quite Sydney, but you could come up to Brisbane for the South Pacific Laser Masters in July.

Four days of fun and friendly (but also very competitive) racing guaranteed! Accomodation ranging from fancy motels to camping all within easy walking range of the club bar and rigging lawns.

Plenty of Sydneysiders (and Victorians, South Aussies, even Kiwis) have made the trip and keep coming back each year with smiles on their faces.

Don't miss it!


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I can't think of any clubs on the northside that will be racing. Woolahra generally runs something.

Tony, I assume we're back at RQ again? There was talk last year about moving it this year, just to keep RQ performing in the future.
Hi Alan, SPLM will be at RQ from 16-20 July according to the club calendar. I haven't seen a Notice of Race yet to confirm this, but I assume it won't be too far away.

Are you planning on making the trip again this year?


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I'm not sure, I'll be starting a new career in June and my partner is wanting to go on a two week overseas holiday around July (which she's expecting that I won't attend because of the new career). So attending this year may be difficult on two accounts. I'll see how I go, Flying up and chartering might be a feasible option.
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I found out this weekend that Royal Prince Alfred YC on Pittwater has sailing once a month so I'll chase up the details of that.
Unfortunately I'll won't be sailing up in Brisbane, I'll save the money to go snow skiing.
Ta Ian