Winter Project help

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Yesterday I posted a picture of my "Winter Project" and I have a question. As you all know there is very little room between the foot well and the bottom of the hull. How can I lay up fiberglass between the footwell and bottom or should I just patch it from the outside? I would rather layer the fiberglass and fill in the remainder with marine tex. Any suggestions?
gregg, after looking at your picture, it appears that a good 1/3 of the bottom of your footwell is missing. Am I seeing things? If that is the case, you may need to lay in some kind of core, before glassing. you are also probably going to need to grind away quite a bit of gelcoat at some point.
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Your right I had to lay a piece of 1"x 2" wood down the middle to form a new center guide and fiberglassed over the top of it in the footwell. I will post another picture when I finish with the bottom of the boat.