Winter Gear (spray tops & etc)?

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What gear are you guys and gals sporting this winter?

Obviously, I sell the Magic Marine goodies, so I'm biased there, but I want to know what base, warmth and dry layers you are all using.

Rants and Raves please :eek:


I have a Kokatat dry suit. :D The gaskets at the neck and wrists are a bit pinchy, but they have to be tight to work, just like any dry suit. I wear polyester fleece under it, not any particular brand. They all seem to be fine.

I also love my Ronstan dinghy smock.
gill dry top over polyester fleece, magic marine hikers with the rooster raceskin under it and some rooster winter gloves. if its really cold ill wear a beany. it keeps me toasty over here in england.
It might help if everyone includes what the air and water temps are for the gear they wear. Another issue is I see is that determines what gear is worn is wether you want to trade off mobility for warmth - I see both types frostbiting - those who prefer to be warm between races with a less mobility vs those who don't mind being a little cold between races if it means they can move around a little easier.

Search just the laser sailing section on "drysuit" too.


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Since you asked, the ugly details:

Right now the water temp around Washington DC is 60F. I wear a thin (1 mm?) long john type wetsuit (C-Skins) with a (long sleeve) rashguard on top, short pants (to protect the wetsuit) and, depending on the conditions, a spraytop.
Once the water temp drops to <40F I will stuff myself into a drysuit (a breathing one is nice) and layer (polyester underwear, rashguard, fleece) according to the outside temp. Once the outside air temp drops below 40F, I usually wimp out, unless the sun shines nicely.

As far as I know, there are a few hardy souls who stick to a (thicker) wetsuit throughout the frostbiting season for better mobility and combine that with (polyester) fleece and a spraytop.
I live in Queensland so it doesn't get that cold, even in winter. Rarely into the single figures. The water is usually pretty cold in winter though.

In the winter I wear a custom made wetsuit (long legs, no arms) from Reef Wetsuits and a long sleeved rashie. Over that I wear a Burke dinghy smock.
Summer, i'm a shirtless barefoot bandit with shorts on.

Fall/colder, i'll have either a cotton t-shirt or capilene(depending on cold) base with a spray top, maby a synthetic fleece under that. For bottoms, a pair of magic marine hikers i found wicked cheap. And Boots.

Once it's really cold, it'll be hikers, socks, boots, capilene/cotton, x1-x3 fleece, drysuit, Wool hat, thick gloves.

I find being wet if it's cold is worse than low mobility. I'm still growing, and when i get even a little cold i stiffen up. I try to stay as thin/mobile as possible, thus the hikers/spraytop instead of wetsuit/spray bottoms. Drysuit is required by the time i'd switch to it anyway, so i don't really ahve a choice.
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come on now, I'm curious what people are wearing on their Lasers.

It isn't getting any warmer around here!
This has got to be the only place you can ask people what underwear they have on without it being taken the wrong way....

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(heavy breathing) What are you wearing?

'Scuse me?????

Sailing survey. What are you wearing?

Oh.. Gill Drysuit

(More heavy breathing) And under that? Are you naked under that?


You know, thermal stuff.

Oh. I dunno, whatever ratted out old skiing polypro stuff I've got lying around

We've got a special this week on pink frilly underthings to make any sailor feel, you know, "special".

GEROFFIT, YA FREAK! But, uhh.. confidentially, have you got anything that doesn't STINK?