Winter/Frostbite Gloves

from an earlier thread - I haven't tried them yet, since it got warmer here :)

Title: Re: Guidelines for Winter Sailing - wind and temp limits
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Any winter glove recommendations? I'm sailing with neoprene gloves but once they are wet and the wind hits them, my hands turn to ice!

Hot Tamales! Just got a pair last week and used them this weekend, 40F wind blowing 20-25kts and hands hot as hell.

ps- you can order them but they are more than twice as much.
I had those... I wasn't impressed. Where I sail the water is about 36 F and wind is usually about 15-20. The gloves I use are Gill extreme sailing gloves. They are awesome. Once your hands heat up the gloves, you'll be warm all day. To avoid that period of cold, I run my hands and gloves under hot water before I go sailing... Hands stay warm all day. Another cool thing about these gloves are that there is a lot of grip so it's not too much of a hard transition from fingerless gloves to these.