Windward Leg Newsletter in the mail!

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Today I checked the mail to find a new Windward Leg Newsletter waiting for me. It's the first one I've received since joining the ISCA/USSCA. When I joined they sent an issue from 1999, but nothing else for a long time, so I am excited to receive this brand new magazine!

Surely there are others here who received this, so I wanted to share the buzz.

If you are reading this and you haven't joined the Sunfish class, you should, at least to get your Windward Leg Newsletter and official sail numbers!
I got mine in the mail a couple days ago, too. Very nice to see them working to get it back into a regular rotation.
I got mine on Monday and was surprised to see that it was 40 pages, about 3/4 of which were regatta results from 2010-2013 and meeting minutes from meetings held in 2010-2012. I would think anyone interested in this information would have found it by now online. There were no ads in the newsletter, meaning the cost of publishing this came entirely out of the class treasury (printing, postage and paying the editor).
But can we afford it? We lost $45K due to the Windward leg (Net, that includes advertising revenue offsets) from 2004-2009. that's more than we had in the bank as of last summer. Now we're put out a HUGE edition with no ads. In the past 40 to 50 percent of the cost of the newsletter was recovered from ad revenue. With this edition none of it was. And and it was all very old information. Why?
I know there is a survey in the issue that will address some of the future planning for the newsletter, but what's the general vibe here on the Forum in regards to just sending out the Windward Leg as an electronic .pdf issue?

An electronic issue would save a huge amount of money on printing and shipping costs, and would also allow for high quality color photos to be included in each issue.